The Food Industry Association Executives Refresh Its LOGO and Website

Savannah, GA. - At the 88th FIAE Annual Convention, held November 12-14, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency Savannah, the Food Industry Association Executives unveiled a new logo and website.

"It was time to refresh the FIAE brand, with a revitalized and energized look for an association that is growing and changing," said Jamie Pfuhl, Minnesota Grocers Association, and outgoing Chairwoman of the national group. "This past year was one of great transition for us. The Board of Directors, in keeping with this new time, made the decision to refresh the look of FIAE and have selected a new logo, and a new tag line, that we believe reflects the new direction of the food industry. "

A tag line, "Leading the Food Industry, State by State" was included for the first time to help clarify exactly what FIAE represents.

Some other highlights of the logo include:

  • The cart is a longstanding and traditional symbol of the food and grocery industry;

  • The style of cart is modern-looking and filled with motion to represent speed and forward moving;

  • The arrow not only represents the handle of the cart, but also an upward moving arrow to symbolize growth and upward movement.;

  • The cart includes a hashtag "easter egg" that represents a tech-friendly organization;

  • The colors were chosen purposely - green represents growth and nature, it's calming, refreshing and can often imply wealth and success. Blue is also a nature color, representing loyalty and productivity.

Additionally, the FIAE website ( has a new look, with the ability to access the site on mobile devices, and use online processing for meeting and dues payments.

"We are proud of the new look and the new direction of the Food Industry Association Executives, and invite the national trade groups, the retail, wholesale and manufacturing/supplier arms of the industry to partner with us going forward," Pfuhl added.

To download the new FIAE logo, right-click on the images below.

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