Removing Rigid Plastic Pails and Rx Bottles from Waste Stream Helps Zero Waste Goals

As you heard on the April 27 FIAE Webinar, the Association of Plastic Recyclers and Brown Sustainability Solutions-Brown SS five years of collaborative market research, supermarket pilots, and economic analysis have shown that incremental economic benefits for supermarkets centrally bailing store-generated rigid plastic buckets and pails are clear:

Once sufficient volumes of rigid plastic pails, buckets and pharmacy bottles are collected from supermarkets - bailing centrally in a horizontal baler can generate as much revenue per ton as bailing film plastic and three to four times more revenue per ton as cardboard.

Need to know more? The Association of Plastic Recyclers and Brown Sustainability Solutions will host a webinar for your state association members - and provide your members with all the information they need to start this money saving program.

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