To the FIAE Members …

I have just returned from attending both the Georgia Food Industry Association and the Carolinas Food Industry Council annual meetings! Wow, both have fantastic conferences - with so many silent auction offerings, seminars, sessions, and happy members! Congratulations to Kathy and Lindsey - and to all the others who host an annual meeting - good luck with your event!

We are working on a new webinar that will showcase several new conference keynote speakers, at reasonable budget numbers. Finding quality speakers at lower prices is always a member issue.

Sign up today for the webinar on starting a RETAIL MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE program in your state. Several of our states have active programs, and they will be on the call to walk you through the process.

Reminders -- Check out the new FIAE Membership Directory which is on line for members to view/access/print. We have also listed the members on the home/public page - but without the contact names and emails. Send any updates to your information anytime.

AND....If you want any of your colleagues to access the LIST SERVER, simply send me an email advising that. (

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