A bonus edition - a second August newsletter!

Usually the summer months are slow - without a lot of news to share. That's why I always do a combined July/August newsletter. Well, not this year.

We have fresh newsletter submissions that were too good to hold until September. Shelley Doak just completed

the Institute of Organization Management and left with

great tips for us all. And our Nerdy Best Friend is

unveiling a new product that will allow more cost

effective sharing of her great information - and she's

donated one for the FIAE Silent Auction! Check it out!

Thanks to FMI for hosting the State Issues Retreat in

Middleburg, VA. It was a great program, and so much

fun to catch up with our colleagues in a beautiful setting.

We hope you plan to participate on tomorrow's webinar

to learn everything you need to establish a RETAIL

MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE program in your state.

We hope your summer is going great. See you in Austin

in a few months!

Bev Lynch

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