Greetings from Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend.

Dear FIAE folks,

When we last met in Savannah, I shared dozens (and dozens) of apps and tech tools to make your lives easier. After the conference, many of you asked me about speaking to your groups, and we've made that happen with several of you! But sometimes the timing and the budget didn't work out. This makes me sad.

What if there was a way to help your members discover tech tools and apps without the expense and hassle of hiring an outside speaker? That's EXACTLY why we created a kit that gives you step-by-step (-by-step) instructions on how to facilitate an education session with a networking twist -- or a networking session with an education twist.

The kit is an interactive, guided program for groups of 20-80 or so to create programs 30-90 minutes in length. Your audience will work in groups to discover and discuss their favorite apps and tech tools in a series of categories, such as organization, collaboration and more. You'll have a combination of digital and tangible assets to make putting on your own session as easy as possible.

In the Box:

  • Step-by-step cards to guide you through every part of the program

  • A group activity to start the networking, laughter and learning

  • Pre-event setup instructions to help with marketing, organization and planning

  • 20 sets of tech tool quick reference cards to kindle the conversations until the groups dive into the discussions

  • Giveaways -- two books and nerdy rubber ducks!

Online Resources:

  • An intro video that walks you through the program

  • PowerPoint slides in both standard and wide formats

  • Pre-event marketing material

  • Bonus handouts

  • Extra activities

  • Session Planning Sheet

We call our kit "Beth in a Box" because, well, so many of you wanted to bring my types of sessions to your members and we realized that we couldn't be everywhere. This is one of my most popular programs (Bev sat in on it recently -- ask her!) in a do-it-yourself format, giving you all the resources for a fraction of the cost.

Speaking of the cost, here's the deal. We sell the kit for $499 (with free shipping), but because we created SPECIFICALLY for groups like yours, we are donating one for your silent auction at annual, and we have a discount code just for you. Just enter FIAE in the coupon area, and you get $125 off (more than I gave the other groups -- shhhh).

For more information, please check out:

  • A short video to tell you what's what

  • The official page

  • The store (don't forget to use FIAE for the discount)

  • You can also write our manager Molly Gardner with any questions

Thanks so much for your consideration. I hope you can use Beth in a Box to bring out the nerd in your attendees!


PS -- YES! You CAN use the kit over and over for different sessions. You can buy refill packs of cards and giveaways. So I'll never know if you guys get together and share a kit. :)

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