We are experiencing some issues with hotel room availability at the Hyatt Lost Pines. Our original block is oversold, and we have already added as many rooms as were available in the hotel at this time.

Our original block mirrored our pick up in, while we are pleased with the additional turnout, the hotel is having trouble accommodating us.

We need to wait until October 27 to see if a few smaller groups booked in the hotel pick up their allocation. After October 27, FIAE will be able to add any available rooms.

For now, we are creating a "wait list" for the Hyatt Lost Pines.

We recommend that you may want to book another "refundable" room at one of the hotels below. Then, if / when the Hyatt becomes available, we will notify you and you can release the other room.

If you want to be added to the wait list, please let me know - your arrival date, departure date, and room type (single/double, etc). MAKE SURE your "other" reservation is refundable!

Housing Options:

The Hilton at the Airport (15 minute drive)


Hampton Inn, Bastrop (11 minute drive)


Best Western, Bastrop (7 minutes away)


One of our FIAE Colleagues, found a great place on Air BNB, about a mile from the Hyatt. And, there are properties at - including homes in the area.

Sorry for any inconvenience. We are hopeful we will be able to house everyone who wants to be in the Hyatt, at the Hyatt.

Best, Bev


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