DEC 8 - Being Relevant, Part 2 Webinar

SAVE THE DATE! Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 1 pm EST

FIAE Webinar Series:

Being Relevant To Your Members in a Gadget Crazy World: Part Two

Presented by Thom Singer Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Annual Convention

Invite your entire staff to listen in and participate!

To register/participate:

Following up on his talk at the Annual Convention, Thom Singer will take a deeper look at power of human engagement in a webinar on December 8. This program will focus on how to instill a culture of connecting in the events your organization hosts. Business professionals attend conferences, trade shows and conventions to make new contacts.

"Networking Opportunities" are always a top reason people cite for showing up at live events. However, once at the venue, many fail to make meaningful connections. It is common for people to claim the best parts of any event can be the "hallway conversations," and discovering the untapped brilliance of the others in attendance, but what can we do in planning events to ensure a culture of connecting?

In this webinar, Thom will take a unique look at how to make the engagement at your association's meetings to ensure others get the most from the networking and are more engaged.

While social media and mobile are important tools for everyone, if attendees are only looking to their phones they are missing the real power of being present at a conference.


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