Dec 20 - Membership Dues Central Billing

Submitted by Kathy Siefken, NGIA:

  1. Membership Dues are central billed through our wholesaler on a quarterly basis.

  2. We develop an Excel spreadsheet that lists the retailer’s store name, contact name, address, store number and dollar amount of dues owed. This form is updated throughout the year.

  3. If a new member joins 5 months into the year we request that we be allowed to central bill dues quarterly, then we add their information to the spreadsheet.

  4. We forward the spreadsheet the last week of each quarter (for the next quarter) to the wholesaler.

  5. We receive payment in one check within a week or two.

  6. We send a letter to each store prior to the beginning of the year, stating that we will once again central bill dues on a quarterly basis unless they inform us otherwise.

  7. We also use the central billing method when we sell All-In-One Posters, Job Application Forms, Flip charts, and other materials during a food show. Those who purchase items sign a form, we add that information to an Excel Spreadsheet, then forward all information to the warehouse and they central bill each retailer.

  8. Warehouses add a fee to central bill. We have been successful in having the fees waived because we support the warehouse’s membership and offer services that assist their members in running efficient, profitable and federal/state compliant stores.

The result of central billing is that we have very few non-renewals. The stores benefit because their dues payment is broken up and spread across the entire year. Retailers understand that if they sell their store in the middle of the year, they only pay dues for that portion of the year they own the store. We also pick up new owners very quickly as we assist them in setting up SNAP, WIC and coupon redemption. Stores appreciate this option because they don’t have to write a check so it is more efficient for them. We benefit because our members must actually call us to stop the central billing and we can usually convince them why they should remain members.

Submitted by Michael Rosen:

Food Industry Alliance Wholesaler and Cooperative Dues Structure

$5,000 Wholesaler/Cooperative Headquarter Fee


$500 Wholesaler/Cooperative Headquarter Fee plus $165 per store

$5,000 - $500 = $4,500 ÷ 165 = 27.27 stores


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