BETH Z, "Our" Nerdy Best Friend, has got a new book coming out.

I know many of you love BETH Z, "Our" Nerdy Best Friend. She's got a new book coming out . . . click on the link for information on how to pre-order (by May 1) . . . or maybe win one of her free webinars or live events for your organization!

I thought you might want to pass this along to your members since so many of them love great apps...

The new book is coming, and the best way to get it is by pre-ordering. Plus, we're offering a limited number of very discounted webinars and live events.

Let folks know if you think they'd be interested. :) The deadline is May 1.

Beth Z


Beth Ziesenis Your Nerdy Best Friend 619 231 9225

Wouldn't it be great to have a BFF who says, "Yeah, I know an app for that"? Beth Ziesenis is there for you with advice on the best free and bargain technology tools to improve productivity and simplify your life... without breaking the bank.


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