MAY 17 - Future of Food Retailing: Winning the "Me Generation" through Shopper Analytics

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Future of Food Retailing: Winning the "Me Generation" through Shopper Analytics

  1. Wed, May 17, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Enhancing the analytic-to-activation cycle to measure, interpret, and predict outcomes which drive continuous KPI improvement should be the top priority for CPG manufacturers and retailers in the years ahead.

While many retailers still believe eCommerce is far from the tipping point, Amazon keeps innovating and winning shoppers – Millennial shoppers to be more specific. Putting this into context means Amazon continues to attract the largest consumer segment. These digitally savvy consumers are also starved for time, making them even more likely to shop online.

This doesn’t mean traditional retailing is dead. It does mean the industry, as a collective, must do things differently. But this level of insight reaches beyond traditional t-log, panel, and syndicated data. This next generation of analytics, which includes predictive and prescriptive capabilities, will dig deep into customer behavior, social engagement and the shopper’s journey.

Attend The Food Institute and Willard Bishop’s annual Future of Food Retailing webinar to learn more about the new rules and the new tools of shopper engagement. Topics will include:

• The evolution of data analytics and utilizing the power of shopper analytics and purchase behavior to drive loyalty, sales and profits

• The role of eCommerce, beyond simply selling food

• Performance Benchmarking food retailers

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