JUN 28 - FIAE Quarterly State Lobbying Conference Call

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - and Invite your GR Professionals to Participate!

FIAE Quarterly State Lobbying Conference Call

Wednesday, June 28 @ 12 noon EST

CALL: +1 (872) 240-3311

Access Code: 667-586-797


1. Welcome

Chris Flynn, Massachusetts Food Association

Chairman, FIAE State/National Task Force

2. Pharmacy Issues Pat Davis, Facilitator, NGA Pharmacy Share Group

3. Family Leave Jan Gee, Washington Food Industry Association

4. The Safer Store Project Brian Houghton, Senior VP, Massachusetts Food Association

The Safer Store Project is being proposed by the Product Stewardship Institute is to help retailers understand applicable regulations for compliance. The Safer Stores project team will address these concerns by disseminating information to retailers about regulations for common store products (e.g., aerosols, mercury lamps, batteries, cleaning products, and pharmaceuticals). They will also introduce stores to best management practices and industry-standard tools, and help them implement short-term changes that will reduce toxics exposure.

5. What Else is Happening in State Capitols? Report on Your Legislative Victories! Chris Flynn

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