The DRIVE-Safe Act

The DRIVE-Safe Act is attached (click here).

The basic requirements are:

· 120 hours of on-duty time, 80 hours of driving time

o Basic proficiencies

· 280 hours of on-duty time, 160 hours of driving time

o More advanced proficiencies

· Technology requirements for training trucks

o Automatic or automatic manual transmission

o Active braking collision mitigation

o Forward facing video event capture

o Governor set at 65 or below

· Accompanied by an experienced driver in both periods

Here is a useful interactive map of state gas tax rates: (courtesy of the American Petroleum Institute).

So I haven’t been able to find a study on the cost state gas tax increases have on freight. But I’m attaching a report (funded by the very conservative Koch Brothers) on the state-by-state impact of a 25 cent gas tax increase (federal). It should allow for extrapolation:



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