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FIAE Membership

Active Members (State Associations)

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Let FIAE help you with your 2023 self care plan this year….zhush it up with a few new initiatives and programs that make your life easier, your association stronger, and your team more cohesive.  

If you missed the Annual Convention, click for the presentations and the many ideas that were discussed.

  • Take full advantage of the FIAE benefits this year – the state lobbying calls, the webinars (including our first on January 27 on Meetings & Events in a New Market) and other educational programs designed to provide you with the latest greatest information.

  • NEW programming is coming your way for your team – so you can educate them too on all things communications, meetings/events, and membership – and they can build their own network of FIAE colleagues.


  • Utilize the FIAE list server to answer the questions you are facing.   Your colleagues are here to help.

  • And call on FIAE anytime you have a problem or a suggestion or a struggle.  We are a team and together, we are stronger.

Renew your commitment today to FIAE – your association working hard to benefit you and your state association.

Click here to securely renew your dues online.

Or download this invoice for ease in processing your 2023 payment.

Cheers to a great 2023!    Bev Lynch



Only local, state, regional, national and international food associations are eligible for this type of membership.  Dues are assessed according to Annual Gross Revenues of your Association.


$0-150,000                      $215

$150,000-350,000          $625

$350,000-750,000          $875

$750,000-1,000,000    $1,000

$1,000,000 +                $1,250

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