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Happy new year!   It's time to renew your 2021 FIAE membership!

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Check out what FIAE does for you!
  • You are not alone!  FIAE provides numerous ways to talk colleague:colleague.

  • Our active list server allows instant access to state associations around the country.  Ask and answer questions that come across your desk and let others help you address those challenges you face.

  • The Annual Convention is the best way to really engage in the FIAE world.   It's just 2 days but chock full of great information and training.   Super networking with your colleagues.  Many of our members say it is the ONE MEETING THEY WON'T MISS!   Members receive a reduced registration rate.  Calendar November 7-10, 2021 NOW!

  • During the Annual Convention, our two roundtable discussions are the hallmark of the FIAE community - listen, share and take copious notes about what is happening in other states.  Copy what works.   Eliminate what doesn't.  Your colleagues care about your success and are there for you!

  • FIAE hosts monthly webinars on a variety of topics.  You and your staff can listen in - a great free educational resource.

  • FIAE sends out unpublished articles for you to use in your member communications.   We know you have space to fill - and we help you fill it!

  • Check out our new FIAE members only exclusive section on our website - ASSOCIATION 101 ... with lots of information and articles on how to improve your association management.

  • Use our website for timely best practice information anytime a bill or regulation pops.  You are probably not the first to have lobbied this issue - and good material is out there to use!

  • Listen in to our quarterly state lobbying calls - with agenda items that include the issues that are hot today.

  • Compare your work to other states - we have surveys on dues, salaries, etc.  How does your association stack up?  We know your Board always asks that question!

  • Need a great fresh idea for your group?  Check out the ACROSS STATE LINES program on the website.  These are tested programs that other states have implemented.  No need to reinvent the wheel.  We give you the easy step-by-step way to implement it now!

  • Attend the NGA Convention?  FIAE has a special members-only afternoon held during that convention.

  • FIAE publishes its own monthly newsletter . . . check it out for timely articles and tips.

  • Access your Professional Development Fund to assist with convention attendance and securing your CAE.

  • Our President, Bev Lynch, has over 30+ years of experience running state associations and lobbying.  Call her anytime for advice and counsel.

An organization with a proud 90 year history - creating fresh and innovative programming
designed to help you work smarter, be more efficient and productive . . .

FIAE is YOUR Headquarters Office!
Take a moment now and renew your commitment
to your career ... your organization ... and your FIAE.

Click here to securely renew your dues online.

Or download this invoice for ease in processing your 2021 payment.

Beverly J. Lynch
Food Industry Association Executives (FIAE)
664 Sandipiper Bay Drive
Sunset Beach, NC  28468



Only local, state, regional, national and international food associations are eligible for this type of membership.  Dues are assessed according to Annual Gross Revenues of your Association.


$0-150,000                      $215

$150,000-350,000          $625

$350,000-750,000          $875

$750,000-1,000,000    $1,000

$1,000,000 +                $1,250

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