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No one knows your world like FIAE.

We were established over 100 years ago to serve you -- the state associations who represent the grocery/food industry in every state capitol --providing education, networking, and best practices.


Think of FIAE as your headquarters operation.    We are the “ASAE of the food industry.”


Don’t reinvent the wheel . . . use FIAE for solutions to your problems, and great career/association-growing ideas.

  • Use the list server (simply email to post your questions and offer suggestions.

  • Check out our new website ( for recordings of previous webinars, state lobbying calls and tons of GR & association management resources.  Make sure your association’s listing is accurate here.

  • Join us at our premiere event – the 2024 Annual Convention – November 11-14 in Dallas, Texas.  It’s a must do in 2024 with the fresh programming that you requested.

  • Participate in our state lobbying calls.

Pay your membership dues by clicking here.

Or download this invoice for ease in processing your 2024 payment.

Cheers to a great 2024.  Working together, we can make your world better!


Bev Lynch



Only local, state, regional, national and international food associations are eligible for this type of membership.  Dues are assessed according to annual gross revenues of your association.


$0-150,000                        $215

$150,000-350,000            $625

$350,000-750,000            $875

$750,000-1,000,000      $1,000

$1,000,000 +                  $1,250

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